Happy May Day!

May 1st, 2010

Phew, it’s been awhile!  I have been busy busy busy lately and there has been so much crafty goodness going on around here lately that I’m not even sure where to start.  So….how about with something totally NOT crafty?  Here’s a pic of the BEAUTIFUL tree in our front yard that decided to blossom this weekend, just in time for May Day.  Gorgeous!

A Wedding Wall-Hanging

March 21st, 2010

My friend Kevin is getting married in May and since he loved my table-runner-turned-wall-hanging when he was here last September, I decided to make one for him and his lovely bride, April, as a wedding gift.

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Hellooooo Herb!!

March 3rd, 2010

Introducing rhymeswithfun‘s loooong over due 2009 Christmas present….Herb!

Herb, named by ms rhymeswithfun herself, was knit from the Octopus pattern out of Hansi Singh’s amazing book Amigurumi Knits: Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits.  Look at those cute curly tentacles!

First Julius and now Herb.  What shall I knit for my favorite foodie next?  🙂


March 2nd, 2010

Sunday afternoon, a few hours before the closing ceremonies, I finished my Skewed Socks earning a Gold medal in the 2010 Knitting Olympics!

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Crochet Break

February 17th, 2010

I took a break tonight from Olympic Knitting to finish up my Market Bag at my last night of crochet class at Crafty Planet.

I also encountered a bit of unsolicited photography help from a certain camera hog…


On your mark, get set…

February 12th, 2010

Tonight is the start of the 2010 Knitting Olympics!!

My chosen event: a pair of Skew Socks in Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock Yarn from The Stash.

Let the games begin!

Déjà vu

February 9th, 2010

I really hope this isn’t going to be an ‘every sweater’ thing…


February 8th, 2010

While I’m still working on some Top Secret Christmas knitting (don’t judge me), I realized there are a few unclassified projects I’ve been working on these last few months that I haven’t posted about yet.

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Crochet Revisited

February 7th, 2010

The Madre went above and beyond this past Christmas and gifted me several awesome knitterly gifts, including a beautiful set of 10″ Straight Harmony knitting needles.

I quickly decided that the polyester case they arrived in did not do them justice and they needed some sort of fantastic vessel to display their rock star qualities.  Enter my crazy idea to attempt another crochet project with a big pretty ball of Noro Big Kureyon that’s been kicking around in my stash for who knows how long.

I quickly realized that whatever it was I thought I learned how to do over Christmas (rav link) was not what one would call ‘normal crochet’.  This latest attempt (rav link) ended up being a free form conglomeration of crochet-like stitches that sort of looked like I intended.  (Actually, I’m sure they’re some sort of valid crochet stitches but they’re definitely not the basic sc, dc, and tc stitches the original pattern I attempted called for…)

Enter the ever awesome Crafty Planet to the rescue!  This past weekend I took the first of three beginning crochet classes which will hopefully set me on the right crochet path once and for all.  We’re working on a market bag which so far looks pretty cool although not exactly to the ‘looks like a bag’ stage yet.

Maybe I stand a chance at tackling this crochet thing yet!?!


February 6th, 2010

Who doesn’t love a fruit pirate?

(rav link)