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Myrtle the Turtle

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Look what we saw early one morning last week:

This determined little mama climbed out of the swamp (what looks like a whole mess of weeds above, not to be confused with the GIANT THISTLE that’s about to take over our grill) and up a fairly steep slope to dig a hole in our backyard to lay her eggs.

I don’t think she much appreciated me staring and taking pictures while she was hard at work…or maybe it was the two fixated kitties at my feet who were just BEGGING me to open the door so they could go investigate.

Okay, Madre, what type of turtle babies should we be expecting?

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Several of my good friends at work are having babies!  Here are two little critters I knit up to help welcome home their new bundles.  First up, meet Jarvis the Jellyfish (Rav pattern link), knit with love for Baby Lucca.

Lucca’s mom has been asking me for a jellyfish since she saw rhymeswithfun’s Julius back in the day.  Jarvis now hang’s out over Lucca’s changing table and is sure to make diaper changes much more fun!  (Well, at least for Lucca anyway…)

Baby Quiba will be welcomed home by Herbert once he arrives mid-June.

Herbert was knit from the free Ribbit pattern with no real mods except that I only used fiberfill instead of the recommended tennis ball for stuffing.  Can’t wait to meet you next month, Kai!!